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Page alerts


Page alerts are used to notify users of important information or changes on a page, in a way that attracts the user's attention without interrupting the user's task. Typically they appear at the top of a page following a submit action.


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npm i @gov.au/page-alerts
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React Usage

import AUpageAlert from '@gov.au/page-alerts';

<AUpageAlert as='info'>
  Content of alert


Prop name Type Description
as string One of four kinds: 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'error'
alt boolean An alternate variation of the component
dark boolean A dark variation of the component

All other props are spread into the component


Name Type Description
AUpageAlert default The page alerts component

node_modules import

import AUpageAlert from '@gov.au/page-alerts';

pancake import

import AUpageAlert from './page-alerts';